The 16" motorized Dobson made of Aluminium

New pictures (2001):


The telescope is ready for work.

The upper box. With Kydex, Telrad and a JMI-Crayford. 

Mirror box on the rocker box. Two steel springs act as a artifical counterweight.

Ready for transport.

With Dob Driver II.......

Early pictures (2000):


The whole thing is about 60 pounds. 

Pic. 1+2: Most work is done ... first test with mirrors built-in

Pic. 3+4: ... and without me

Pic. 5: The mirror support                              Pic. 6: The secondary cage

Pic.7+8: Mirrorbox and ground support (without second stepper)

Pic. 9:  The rockerbox with encoder                      Pic.: 10: The altitude bearings made by CNC                      

Pic. 11: Ground support with 12V-stepper and gear reducer Pic.12: Ground support

(electronic box will be added between the feets).

Short list of features:

Inspired by the work of Gary Wolanksi
60 pounds with optics for the complete scope (optics is 30 pounds)
Complete of Aluminium
Motorized by a Dob Driver II (i used only the original steppers)
Ultra flat stepper-gear reducer combination (2 " height)
Encoders built-in (inclinometer for altitude)
Ball bearings for very smooth and easy motion
Secondary cage fits on mirror box for transport
Optics from a 16"-f4.5 Meade Starfinder


go to  plan, electronics, tools+materials, doityourself (in german, sorry. Click for your own risk)